Adoptive mother of Russian orphan must be psychotic

The adoptive mother of the Russian orphan who was recently shipped back to Russia after he supposedly threatened to burn down his adoptive family’s home says her new son is psychotic.

She is psychotic.

I understand she must have been at her wit’s end, and maybe the resources she needed to handle the added stress of the situation weren’t readily on hand. But really, what was she hoping to accomplish by sending the elementary school kid back to his home country with a note?

Really, what did she think was going to happen? “Oh, sure, yeah, we’ll just take him back, it’s not a big deal. Thanks for watching him for a few weeks!”

No, Tory Ann Hansen, you’re a moron, and now you’ve halted hundreds of other adoptions that were in the pipeline.


2 responses to “Adoptive mother of Russian orphan must be psychotic

  1. this kinda reminds me of the movie orphan.. actually its alot like it!! the poor kid just has a problem.. and she couldv’e handled is more responsibly

  2. Haven’t seen that movie yet — I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the thought!

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