America covers its butt

Since the report of the Russian boy shipped back all alone to his country have surfaced, the American news media have raced to bring to light every adoption story that ever went remotely well.

Thanks for setting the record straight, everyone. You’re all heroes.

Because before you published the story about the Tennessean family who “thought they’d adopted the perfect set of Russian twins” only to discover behavioral issues that resulted in God-awful things like one girl peeing in her toy closet and both girls being “terrified” of thunder…wait, seriously? Four-year-olds who are afraid of thunder? Weird!

But those Tennesseans — God love ’em — they stuck it out! They “talked to their adoption counselor and went to support group meetings.”

And, wouldn’t ya know it — after about a year (or a paragraph in the article), things calmed down. So today, this True American Family has a couple of “intelligent, well-behaved 15-year-old girls.”

This particular article goes on to highlight all the services available for families who adopt — and for that, it’s worthwhile. And maybe even a little journalistic.

But let’s leave the marketing and PR about adoption for the non-profits.

It’s time to start writing about the policies and political systems that keep these kids locked up in institutions their whole lives.


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