Should white adults adopt black kids?

Here’s some food for thought from the blog Racism Review on the movie Blind Side. This blog post brings together several topics I love mulling over: adoption, race relations and film theory.

Overall, something this blog does well is generate thoughtful conversation. It links here, to a statement by the National Association of Black Social Workers in 1972.

So what do you think? Should white adults adopt black kids?


2 responses to “Should white adults adopt black kids?

  1. No. The Black Community is already struggling with enough identity issues. It is important that Black Youth have a strong connection with where they come from

  2. I’d have say that I disagree with the above commenter. If Black families are not stepping up to adopt Black children then we shouldn’t disapprove of non-Black families adopting them. I think it would be wrong to keep a kid un-adopted his whole life in order to protect his racial identity, especially when there are many White families who would like to adopt Black children.

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