Crisis in Haiti offers hope for transracial adoption

According to this study nearly eight percent of U.S. adoptions are transracial (that is, parents adopt a child of a different race).

According to other research 75 percent of children adopted transracially adjust well; and research further suggests the racial difference is not detrimental to their acclimation and development.

With these statistics in mind something that still stands in the way of these kids is society’s reaction. In this article highlighting a transracial adoption, several people are quoted being a little less than politically correct.

In the Northeast I think this kind of prejudice, while definitely present, is at least not verbalized in social situations. But across the country, people tend to be less accepting and genuine curiosity about a situation may be superseded by actual prejudice toward it.

The situation in Haiti will be prompting more people to adopt and some of these adoptions could very well be transracial. The best way to confront prejudice and ignorance in these situations is through relationships and conversation. Maybe the tragedy in Haiti can lead to transformative conversations.


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