Florinel goes home

Mercy spreads.

Mariana Neagui was rescued from an abusive home by Romanian Christian Enterprises when she was three years old.

This summer, three-year-old Florinel left the Darius Houses, RCE’s orphanage, to go home permanently with a family — all because of Mariana’s influence.

Mariana says the love she experienced in her new family resulted in her heart overflowing with love for children in need.

“I always want to work for children…God put in my heart a big, big love.”

And so she has returned to give back some of the mercy that was shown her. Now 18, Mariana has participated for two summers as an intern in the Darius Houses, caring for the children’s developmental needs and helping with daily routines.

Florinel has cerebral palsy and needs expensive surgeries and intensive therapy to walk. Despite his disabilities, Mariana said encouraging the Roxins to take Florinel home was simple.

“Take this baby home and just see how he really is,” she said. “[I told them] if you take a child home from an institution, you will see the difference in him.”

So the Roxins brought Florinel home for a weekend and “became in love with him.” One weekend turned into several weekends, and eventually into permanent placement for Florinel.

One week after the placement was finalized and Florinel was home with his family, a visiting American group and RCE’s psychologist went to see him. As his father proudly helped him walk back and forth in their small apartment, Florinel was laughing so hard he was tearing up. As everyone in the room caught his laughter, they witnessed firsthand how mercy spreads.


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  1. wow thats intense/awesome

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