Haitian orphans rushed into families

For most parents, having a baby takes around nine months. Throw an international adoption into the mix and you’re looking at an average of three years.

But Yves-Merry Telemaque became a mother in four short months when a decision by the U.S. government allowed her to bring home Addison, a two-year-old Haitian orphan she had begun adopting in September.

Organizations and individuals have pressured the Haitian government to speed up the adoption process for children already identified by families for adoption.

Nearly 1,000 Haitian children were in the process of being adopted into U.S. families according to this article on America.gov’s Web site.

According to the site (run by the State Department) children identified for adoption into American families could be brought to the U.S. temporarily under humanitarian parole until the process is finalized.

That the expedited process can be this quick begs the question: are the families receiving these children being scrutinized enough? And if they are being adequately screened, why does it take a crisis of this size to place children in families quickly and efficiently?


One response to “Haitian orphans rushed into families

  1. I just think these kids need to get out of Haiti…they are homeless, with out families…if people that had already started an adoption process for a Haitian child are still willing to continue the process it should become quicker…there is no sense in red tape. We are talking about children’s lives.
    on the other hand, they should not be thrown into any willing american’s arms, if they have not gone under proper legal documentation…
    it’s a tough subject, but in the end…its about the children and what is best and right for them

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